Textfeld: Source: Wikipedia, list of known architects (classic and 20./21. century), status quo: 05.09.07
The data has been taken from Wikipedia. It can not be excluded, that the ranking list is not completely correct, because the data of the particular countries have not been verified. The ranking list has been compiled in the best of one‘s knowledge. For the completeness and for the total correctness of contents of this ranking list cannot be taken over guarantee. If there are noticed mistakes in the list, please send us a message and – if possible – the source of your information.
Textfeld: Ranking list architects
Comment: This ranking list contains the number of known architects of a country per 1 million inhabitants. It is so far an expression of the power of a country concerning the area architecture and art of building. In combination with other intellectual an cultural efficiency the list shows a general view of the intellectual power of a country (cp. ranking list intellect) and over all the potential of the intellectual power of a country – as found at least in the historical context. cp. list of countries