Textfeld: Source: OECD Factbook 2005
The data have been taken from wikipedia. This list shows all there listed composers of classic music, irrespective of theirs ranking or importance. It can not be ruled out, that this ranking list may be distorted by different quantity, quality or truthfulness of the used data.
Textfeld: Ranking List Emissions of CO2
This ranking list shows a countries emissions of CO2 (tons per 1000 US$ GDP) according to the OECD Factbook 2005 (GDP of the year 2000 on the basis of paritetic purchase power). This ranking list as well as the lists „emissions of SO2", „emissions of NOx", „use of pesticides" und „atomic waste" are the components of the ranking list „environment". The list reflects only a - nevertheless considerable - part of environmental impact. Exceeding use of environment or onesided exploitation of resources (e.g. oil, fishing) are not part of the performance (because of lack of data). Countries that are not listet have a worse balance or there are no data, which can be valued negatively as well.