Textfeld: Source: Wikipedia, Germany: position 39, Stand: September 2005
The ranking list has been compiled in the best of one‘s knowledge. For the completeness and for the total correctness of contents of this ranking list cannot be taken over guarantee. If there are noticed mistakes in the list, please send us a message and – if possible – the source of your information.
Textfeld: Ranking list world cultural heritage
Number of the as world cultural heritage listed cultural achievements 
(e.g. places, buildings) of a country, per 1 mill. inhabitant
The author is aware, that this list is only conditionally applicable. There is more or less distortion in the ranking. A cultural heritage can for instance be an appreciation of the architectonic performance of a whole city as well as a single building. Archaeological places have more a historic and less an actual meaning. Furthermore it should be taken into consideration by which builder or nation the particular cultural achievement really has been performed.