International match shows in an international countries comparison lots of ranking lists concerning the performance of countries in a variety of subject areas like sports, intellect, economics, society, environment, ecology, sustainability etcetera.

Look at the world in an other and unconventional view!

Do you like to see a new reality? Than have a look at „“ to see, which countries heads, sports or soccer players are best – in relation to the number of its inhabitants?

You will be surprised to see, that smaller countries like Sweden or Switzerland are at the top of ranking lists and the big ones are placed behind.

How does it happen that countries like Belgium, Luxemburg and Austria are in a better position than the USA oder Russia? Play the international match and you will be surprised.

How do you play/click the international match?

Click whatever you are interested in or looking for. Find any theme or country you are interested in. The answer to all questions (FAQ) do you find here.


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